Take advantage of highly-committed management.

What is strong management? In our opinion, it is management that proves itself equally when the needs are both minor and major. Experts who, after many years of experience, are still just as committed as on the first day. Androschin & Partner’s management is made up of specialists who can claim just this for their work.

Your business benefits from the personal engagement of the following Partners:

Christian Androschin

Christian Androschin:

  • Master of Business Administration
  • 23 years experience in the industry sector
  • finally as a Partner with Roland Berger Strategy Consultants
Peter Greppmair

Peter Greppmair:

  • MBA
  • 20 years as consultant with BMW and Roland Berger Strategy Consultants
  • since 2014 with Androschin & Partner


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Helmar Aßfalg

CEO, Allgaier Werke GmbH, Uhingen:

“Mr. Androschin and his partners advised and supported us in matters of strategic planning and actual realisation. We value Mr. Androschin’s comprehensive knowledge of the automotive and machinery markets as well as his implementation-focussed, objective and purposeful approach.”