Strategy Development/Growth Strategy


Growing economic interdependencies, technological developments and globalization carry a range of threats and also opportunities for companies. They imply a need for consistent strategy development and continuous rethinking. Companies must therefore proactively evaluate their strengths and weaknesses against those of established competitors as well as new market entrants.

Several crucial questions have to be answered:

  • How can the specific business environment best be matched with strategic approaches?
  • What is the value creation potential of a company (on corporate level as well as in specific business units) and the impact of (potential) strategic moves?
  • How can a company identify and realize its growth potential in response to opportunities arising from globalization or new markets (e.g. China, India)?


  • Strategy development for a mechanical engineering company
  • Support in developing business strategies for a manufacturer of components for the machinery industry
  • Support in strategy development for a manufacturer of woodworking machinery
  • Completion/adjustment of market analysis & strategy development for a supplier to the rail industry
  • Support in strategy development for a manufacturer of precision mechanical parts and elements
  • Assessing the strategic development potential of a system integrator in the automation technology sector – Elaborating the future strategy for the controls business
  • Elaborating a growth concept for a contractor in Eastern Europe
  • Strategy development for two business units in the aerospace & defense sector
  • Supporting a machine tool company in developing a new strategy
  • Strategy development for a leading company in the German recycling industry