Service Management


Service management in industries like mechanical engineering and automation still offers attractive revenue/profit potential. The necessary pre-investments in new employees or a potential increase of spare parts inventory, etc. typically achieve payback within just one to two years.

Several crucial questions have to be answered:

  • What are the appropriate service products? How can service marketing activities be strengthened?
  • How can the service organization be optimized, how can internal process delivery be safeguarded?
  • Is a transparent machine database (reflecting the installed base) already in place and being used?
  • How can the service potential be derived and estimated?
  • What has to be done in order to safeguard regional availability of service spare parts?
  • Are the general rules of service pricing being observed (complexity, product type, value, delivery time)?
  • How can a pragmatic but efficient monitoring system be installed?


  • Elaborating and implementing a growth-oriented service concept for a machine manufacturer
  • Defining and implementing a concept for the service business of a manufacturer of plastics processing machines in order to grow sales significantly
  • Providing support in designing the service division of a mechanical engineering company with the aim of increasing sales and earnings