Increasing globalization and dynamic markets often put companies and their business models under pressure. At some point, pure cost cutting measures are no longer sufficient. In this case, an overall restructuring concept needs to be designed, negotiated with all stakeholders and thoroughly implemented.

Several crucial questions have to be answered:

  • Is the traditional business model sustainable in the future? What are the causes of the current situation?
  • Does the company have the optimum value chain based on a suitable R&D and manufacturing footprint?
  • How competitive is the company's overall cost structure and the corresponding organizational structure in terms of its size and complexity?
  • Does the company provide products or services to attractive markets? Does it use the right channel mix?
  • Is the funding of the company (medium/long term) still safeguarded? What about the short-term cash/ liquidity situation?


  • Developing a restructuring concept for an automotive supplier
  • Concept development and implementation support for restructuring a machining tool manufacturer
  • Developing additional restructuring measures after refinancing/funding of a large machinery and equipment manufacturer
  • Developing and supporting the implementation of a restructuring concept for a manufacturer of plant and storage equipment
  • Coaching the shareholder in the development of a financing concept for a mechanical engineering firm
  • Defining and implementing a restructuring concept for a manufacturer of components
  • Developing a financing concept for a mechanical engineering company presented to financing banks
  • Drawing up a restructuring concept for a tool-making company