Product Development/R&D


In order to optimally meet the specific requirements of customers and markets, companies need to follow a stringent "design to value" approach. For this to succeed, customers' demands need to be analyzed and a target costing approach ensured in parallel in the product development process.

Several crucial questions have to be answered:

  • Does the company systematically set up and continuously update R&D roadmaps? What is the outcome of a thorough assessment?
  • What target costs (per subsystem/function) based on customer/market input need to be defined?
  • In an evaluation of capacity allocation, how well do capacities spent match capacities planned per project?
  • Does an assessment of relevant business cases indicate sustainability?


  • Defining the new product (development) and sales concept for a machine tool company – Detailing and implementation support
  • Providing support for a company in standardizing products (development-intensive project business)