Post Merger Integration (PMI)


A merger of two companies or a takeover of a company by another typically leads to specific challenges that need to be addressed immediately. The main focus of action should lie on the definition of strategic priorities for the integration as well as the identification of synergy potential. In addition to that, the efficiency of earnings and assets can be raised and OPEX and capital costs reduced. A post merger integration (PMI) project helps closely monitor overall integration costs and progress along the integration timeline.

Several crucial questions have to be answered:

  • What company functions need to be integrated particularly fast? How can synergies be realized?
  • How can sales opportunities (e.g. new products for existing customers) be addressed?
  • What does the "day 1" structure look like? What can be achieved in the first 100 days?
  • What can be done to ensure that employees are still focusing on business and customers during the integration process? What measures have to be taken to retain key people during and after integration?


  • Post merger integration of three photovoltaics companies
  • Drawing up an integration concept for two component manufacturers with largely similar sales
  • Elaborating an integration concept for two manufacturers of plastics processing machines
  • Drawing up an integration concept for a plant contractor following the acquisition of three plant contractors with approximately the same combined sales as the buyer
  • Elaborating an integration concept for two major manufacturers of automotive production systems
  • Providing support in respect of restructuring and integrating an Eastern European component manufacturer