Market Study


International markets typically differ widely across the globe owing to deviating market development stages (early vs. developing vs. mature markets), varying customer needs or differing status of competition. (Regional) market studies can therefore help systematically evaluate and prepare for a new market entry.

Several crucial questions have to be answered:

  • What are the relevant trends, underlying drivers and specific rules of a certain (regional) market?
  • How can companies address the growth potential of new (and growing) markets (e.g. BRIC countries)?
  • Which competitors have to be taken seriously into account before market entry? What is the influence of public regulation when delivering products esp. into end markets like energy, telecoms or transportation?
  • How would a medium to long-term market model look based on available assumptions and primary data?
  • What market entry options are available (direct sales, own representative/sales office, M&A or joint venture vehicles)? Which option should be given preference?


  • Market analysis and deriving a forecast of future market development and trends for a manufacturer of plastics machinery
  • Market study and strategy development for a supplier in the rail industry
  • Conducting a worldwide market analysis (up to 2010) for a mechanical engineering company and establishing strategic recommendations in the process
  • Conducting an analysis of the development of the Chinese market for an agricultural engineering manufacturing company
  • Conducting a worldwide market analysis for a company producing plastics processing machines on the basis of a proprietary market model
  • Supporting the development of a China strategy for a component manufacturer