Greenfield Scenario


Greenfield scenarios are developed without the need to consider any prior work or organization. Examples of greenfield projects are new factories, power plants or organizational structures. The term is derived by analogy to construction on greenfield sites where there is no need to work within the constraints of existing buildings or infrastructure. A greenfield scenario provides top management with valuable insights such as a best practice model that may differ from traditional patterns. Outcomes of the scenario development process can help broaden the mindset in identifying far-reaching options as a basis for major management decisions (e.g. manufacturing footprint, organizational structure).

Several crucial questions have to be answered:

  • What basic assumptions (e.g. sales volume, number of employees, geographical coverage) have to be taken into account?
  • Are there any further upfront limitations to the scenario approach?


  • Resizing a component manufacturer by applying a greenfield approach
  • Drawing up a greenfield organizational scenario for a leading OEM in the automotive industry as a blueprint for long-term development of the group structure