Business Process Redesign (BPR)


Business process redesign examines the efficiency and effectiveness of a company's critical processes (e.g. order to cash). It is a key enabler in delivering the highest quality of service, in the most productive way, at the most competitive cost and time to output. BPR projects are typically able to generate cost savings of up to 20 to 30 percent of the addressable cost base. Furthermore, BPR is a lever to reduce cycle times and increase quality as well as customer satisfaction.

Several crucial questions have to be answered:

  • How should the company prioritize key processes based on the value at stake?
  • How good is the view of the current state based on operational data, detailed process maps and analysis?
  • What major gaps can be identified?
  • What is the vision for the future state of each process?
  • What is the roadmap to achieving near-term and long-term results?


  • Optimizing the quotation process of an automotive tier 2 supplier
  • Optimizing the processes and organization of an international EPC company
  • Optimizing a mechanical engineering company's core processes, above all in respect of order processing