You create your own change.

Visualise this for yourself with the aid of this project example:

Situation at the outset:

A conglomerate active in machine and plant engineering and automation technology with a turnover of around 1 billion Euros calls on external consultancy services: it has acquired majority ownership of a company with more than one thousand employees in Eastern Europe.
The East European company manufactures both overlapping and complementary products. The added value of the product manufacturing process is very high.

Project Goal:

The task is to re-structure the company and integrate it into the parent company. The purpose of the project is to extend and consolidate the client’s market position.


For this purpose we build six project teams. Six of our client’s executives each lead one team and an internal project manager co-ordinates the complete project.

The teams handle the following subject areas:

  • Product design and development strategy
  • Distribution concept and brand strategy
  • Purchasing (Supply Chain Management)
  • Production
  • Organisation
  • Restructuring

Androschin & Partner is responsible for the following:

  • Project planning, mainly regarding content, procedure, timescale and organisation
  • Definition of the subject areas
  • Agreement of these subject areas with the executives
  • Appointment of a project manager in conjunction with the management board
  • Collective appointment of the team members

Androschin & Partner and the project managers now jointly commence work in the teams.

Knowledge of methodologies is needed here: For example, among other matters we check the quality content of the project by acting as a sparring partner to the project managers. In this way we can intervene with corrective action where appropriate. We also regularly coach the project managers in their work situation. Thus the team is given the possibility to organise and develop itself. Throughout the entire process Androschin & Partner is represented on the project steering committee together with the management board.


The process is organised efficiently. The client’s employees co-operate well with us and make further progress. They consider the project and its results to be their own:  They also take responsibility in the project for the line function that they will hold.

In this way it is possible for the East European company to be integrated successfully: the strategies take hold and sales increase. The goal of extending and consolidating competitive position is achieved. The investment and costs are measured against performance and found to be comparatively low.

The applied methodology is scalable – the knowledge thereof also remains within the client’s business after the project has ended. If new, similar questions should arise the customer can refer back to what has been learned.