Added value

Our values create your added value.

Therefore we want to show you what is important to us about our work together:

  • As a result of our co-operation you should experience positive change in your business.
  • We want our consultancy to bring you true knowledge gains. For this reason we would also like you to understand our highest principle: “The customer deserves to hear the truth”.
  • The costs of our consultancy must be amortised quickly: we must make it possible for you to receive five to ten times your costs in benefits.
  • We are convinced that this also truly happens. For this reason, in suitable subject areas we are also pleased to work on the basis of fee arrangements where payment is partly dependent on results
  • We don’t want to find abstract, idealised solutions that you can’t then put into practice. We accompany you on the path to a solution that is best suited to your current situation..
  • Our consultants are just as committed to your business as though they were a part of your management team. Our solutions are the result of this engagement.
  • We act together to develop your business.


Newsletter 04/2020 – Optimizing your global manufacturing footprint: Take the crisis as an opportunity


Helmar Aßfalg

CEO, Allgaier Werke GmbH, Uhingen:

“Mr. Androschin and his partners advised and supported us in matters of strategic planning and actual realisation. We value Mr. Androschin’s comprehensive knowledge of the automotive and machinery markets as well as his implementation-focussed, objective and purposeful approach.”