Live change with us

Change is a process. You have to pass through it if you want to reach your goal. Our wish is to accelerate the progress of change by working with you. Live change with us, by doing so you will reach your goal more quickly:

  • Experience pays for itself – we get to the point fast.
  • The foundation is right – our teamwork is successful.
  • The changes are achievable – your success becomes a reality.

What does this mean for you in detail?

We understand from experience:

Androschin & Partner knows the market and competitive structure of your industry sector. We know the different market segments, applications and products and their specific trends.
To know means to understand from long-term experience with many different-sized businesses in the machine and plant engineering and automation technology sectors.
We can therefore project the best path for you to take on the basis of experienced best practice comparison. And that without superfluous, inflated analysis.

Trust is the basis for development:

We will change your business together. This will be successful if you trust us. Because then you will implement the results of our work together with a good feeling.It will only be possible to change your business through this open and subject-oriented co-operation.

Our results can be implemented:

Our co-operation is designed to bring positive change to your business. For this reason, our work is only worth anything if the targeted goal can be achieved.
Successful implementation of joint results is therefore the benchmark against which we wish to be measured.


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Helmar Aßfalg

CEO, Allgaier Werke GmbH, Uhingen:

“Mr. Androschin and his partners advised and supported us in matters of strategic planning and actual realisation. We value Mr. Androschin’s comprehensive knowledge of the automotive and machinery markets as well as his implementation-focussed, objective and purposeful approach.”