Choose solutions with style

Every consultant works with the classic methods. An experienced consultant also develops his own tools.
We create unique, original solutions for you. And without re-inventing the wheel each time.

Your team is involved from the start.

We know best practice. But it is your employees who have to implement this practice. For this reason we make its advantages tangible for your management team. And we provide them with the means to put the innovations into practice.

Finding immediate solutions– the Androschin & Partner approach:

  • Focused observation of the processes where they take place – in production for example.
  • Targeted interviews and workshops – first and foremost with the participants on location.
  • Inclusion of the impressions from research and the results of the interviews in the solution-finding process.
  • Fast identification of possible solutions.
  • Verification of these possible solutions – in relation to the attainment of goals, efficiency and feasibility.
  • Case-supported analysis instead of superfluous, inflated analysis.
  • Immediate implementation of decisions which are ready to be put into practice.

Interactive support during implementation:

  • Workshop leading or moderation
  • Discussions as a sparring partner
  • Coaching of the management or person responsible for the project
  • Participation in board and team meetings
  • Membership of advisory councils and similar committees